Steiger Naturals

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Steiger Naturals is the leading D2C pharmaceutical brand in Germany specializing in the usage of hyaluronic acid. Their broad range of hyaluron products help people alleviate their joint pains and support the quest for beauty.

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The actions we took

How we achieved outstanding results

Hyaluron is widely known in Germany, however the quality of hyaluron differs widely. The focus in the partnership with Steiger Naturals was to emphasize on the quality of its products and to showcase more use cases of hyaluron.

We achieved the great results through:

Implementation of tailored landing pages (stress use case of hyaluron)

Execution of Creative Persona Strategy (address demographic segments with different USPs of Hyaluron)

Set up Full Funnel Performance campaigns on Facebook

We have been on this journey with Steiger Naturals for more than 24 months and eager to add value constantly.

“Since nearly one full year, Sebastian and his team have been taking care of our brands and we are very satisfied with their service. They approach things analytically but also creatively and do not give up until the performance of the ads is good. The work feels like having our own team - just remote.”

- Michael Steiger, Founder & CEO Steiger Naturals

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