Teamwork makes the dream work

Our team means a lot to us. The quality of our team is directly proportional to the quality of our work. It is our ambition and sincere wish to happily and productively work with each of our team members. We spend so much time at work, why not also enjoy it then?

Our Team


The heart of our company

Sebastian Vogg

“The icon and hustle-monk himself who already received paid media through the mother’s milk”

Sebastian Vogg is the founder and CEO of VOGGSMEDIA. Around his expertise as a performance advertiser (Facebook Blueprint Products Ads Developer I, Creative Strategy Professional, Media Buying Professional, Planning Professional & Digital Marketing Associate) he gathered a team of online marketing experts that join forces in the conglomerate of VOGGSMEDIA. He looks back on a continual growth of his company and his customer satisfaction over the last couple of years. He is available to you as an advertiser and a speaker and mentor.

Lisa-Marie Koch

"Chief good-vibes officer with the taste for precise project management and performance design”

Indispensable for the organizational aspects and internal operations at VOGGSMEDIA is Lisa-Marie Koch. Her specialty in working with our customers lies in the field of Performance Marketing. Adding to that she takes care of all internal and external communications, project management, accounting and a plethora of other essential tasks. This way, not only do our customers benefit from her abilities but also all colleagues at VOGGSMEDIA.

Matthias Vogg

“Mr. Eloquent - text genius with the feel for what people really love to read”

Matthias Vogg is at your disposal for all your texting needs. Since the formation of the company he has been manufacturing all the lyrical creations at VOGGSMEDIA. Whether it's SEO texts, email copywriting, social media postings, translations or other texty desires - as soon as it is made of letters you can place your trust wholeheartedly in Matthias. In that regard he also takes care of Conversion Optimization.

Sabrina Eder

“With visual design in her blood and creativity in the heart”

Having studied communication design, Sabrina knows exactly how to tell a whole novel with only one image. She ministers to all the visual masterpieces at VOGGSMEDIA - ranging from onsite campaigns to newsletters and social media creatives. By mindfully projecting her thoughts into her target audience, she manages to leave a captivating impression on all the people she touches online.

Max Modrich

“The continuous will to learn and the passion for truly functional online marketing drive him to always get better”

Marketing has already mattered to Max early on. As a co-founder of an E-Commerce startup, his interest quickly developed into an intense vehemence for learning what really leads to online marketing success. Through his love for continuous learning and improvement, his eyes are set clearly on strategic and operative excellence within performance marketing, which our customers immensely profit from.

Nico Thunitgut

“Doin’-it-good in creative crafts since over 10 years”

Some people are born with a “green thumb”. People like Nico seem to have a “creative thumb” then. As a musician, photographer and designer, he embodies the artistic muse of VOGGSMEDIA. Within his digital repertoire are performance creative design, photography and videography. Fresh ideas and new inspirations are his daily bread which he bestows upon our clients time and time again.

Martin Nowack

“Relentless in his pursuit of delivering impeccable results”

Martin is somebody that doesn’t settle for doing things semi-good. He is personally identified with the results of his efforts. He applies this work ethic at VOGGSMEDIA in Google Ads and Performance Advertising by setting up sophisticated campaigns - always focussed on measurable outcomes. Driven beyond the call of duty he embodies precision and efficiency in his tasks.

Basti Haberler

“Realizing focussed ideas that fit perfectly into the big picture”

Within the niche of Media Buying and Performance Marketing Management, Bastian showed himself to be a well thought strategic guarantor. Through his foresight on the big picture of the advertising journey, designing the daily steps in goal oriented fashion comes easy to him. Especially in finding new and personalized communication paths for our customers Bastian’s skills come to fruition.

Moritz Cordes

“Bringing creative ideas to life”

From a very young age Moritz’ sparking creativity destined him to be an artist. With self-initiative and passion he then became an outstanding Photo and Video Creative Designer. His central motivating factor is to create something out of photographic “raw material” that users love.

Fabian Dieterich

“Creative communication design with energy and enthusiasm”

Fabian brings a lot of dynamic excitement to our VOGGSMEDIA team. His joy in being creative enriches our design work tremendously. Currently he is studying communication design in Schwäbisch Gmünd at the HfG and gathers valuable practical experience with us.

Nadine Reiser

Connecting people through creative structure

Guiding the content process Nadine has a talent for finding the optimal balance between artistic expression and sales communication. By managing our creators in a meticulous fashion she ensures top notch quality and enthralling brand communication. She greatly enriches VOGGSMEDIA with her adaptable work ethic and enthusiastic cheerfulness.


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Trusted partner agencies


These are the companies we love working with

We are not only connected to our partner agencies by years of cooperation but moreover a corollary friendship. We deeply value each and every one of them for their unmatched technical skills, as well as our mutual appreciation.

Beilmann Marketing

Through Beilmann Marketing we have access to years of experience in the field of search engine advertising. With much satisfaction we receive the following services from them since 2 years:

  • Youtube/Shopping/Search Ads
  • Building of Ad Creatives
  • Video- und Bildproduktion


WOLF OF SEO is our partner regarding performance based e-Commerce SEO. They offer everything the SEO-heart desires:

  • SEO Analysis
  • Project Planning
  • Onpage & Offpage SEO 
  • Link Detox

Marketplace Hero

Marketplace Hero is our partner for Google Ads and Amazon Advertising. With their focus on performance, customer journey, innovation and customer satisfaction they offer:
  • Google Ads Support
  • Feed Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Amazon Advertising
  • A+ Content Creation

Marketing Fundamentals

Marketing Fundamentals is our address whenever we are looking for reliable tracking and data analysis.
  • Tracking
  • Data Analysis
  • Web Development
  • Landingpage creation

Matzke Media

Mit Moritz Matzke hat VOGGSMEDIA einen herausragenden Partner im Bereich Performance Marketing, speziell auf Paid Media fokussiert:

  • Betreuung von 7-stelligen Ad Budgets
  • 6-fach Blueprint zertifiziert
  • Facebook Business Partner
  • Online Shop Scaling & Consulting


For our conversion and marketing API efforts we love to tap into the genius minds of Socialised. Among their specialties are:
  • Comprehensive and professional Facebook solutions
  • Mobile applications
  • A wide range of online marketing measures