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Smileneo is a health tech company enabling doctors to be part of the digitalisation of teeth straightening. As a business in the Middle Eastern Market, they offer invisible braces in combination with a seamless customer experience. Their own mobile application enables convenient remote monitoring by doctors and many more amazing features.

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increase of total leads in one month via Snapchat Ads
reduction of CPL (Cost per Lead) through TikTok Ads
leads while only using 66% of the original budget on Snapchat

The actions we took

How we achieved outstanding results

Smileneo partnered with VOGGSMEDIA in late December 2021. Their primary target was to reduce the Cost per Lead while at the same time increase the amount of leads.

Creating Order: Establishing a new naming convention on all platforms was critical in having structure within the account. This way it was easy to see what we already did and what the content of a good or bad performing campaign was, which made optimization simpler and faster.

Using Bestperformers: Consolidating bestperformers into campaigns went a long way in lowering CPLs. On the various platforms we also implemented optimized campaign setups, for example changing bid strategies on Snapchat or implementing our proven Ad Set strategy on Facebook/Instagram and TikTok.

New Creatives: Using Arabic speaking influencers in perfectly cut down videos on TikTok and Snapchat was key. Short and powerful text overlays in either English or Arabic (depending on the country) greatly helped in communicating the USPs.

Furthermore we produced UGC (User Generated Content) ourselves while also using greenscreen ads showcasing the website experience.

By also adding creatives using professional voice overs in combination with compelling hooklines, we further increased the value of our campaigns. Designing static creatives that highlighted the USPs had a good effect.

This way, we were able to immensely reduce the Cost per Lead for Smileneo while simultaneously increasing their number of leads.

“We are very happy with the results we were able to achieve with VOGGSMEDIA and look forward to pushing towards even greater results.”

- Dr. Jonathan Doerr, Founder & CEO Smileneo

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