Higher tax returns and lower CPMs

ExpressSteuer made it its mission to make tax returns as fast and easy as possible.

The complicated process of tax declarations will therefore be made available for countless people without being limited by tax knowledge, language barriers or financial means.

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The actions we took

How we achieved outstanding results

As the service of ExpressSteuer needs to be explained we worked with Spark Ads on TikTok by various creators. With a mixture of smartphone screen tutorials and in screen creaters we were able to easily communicate the benefits of ExpressSteuer to users. These were our steps:

A great diversity of creators - from young students to stay at home moms - brought good performance and showed us that TikTok is not just a platform for the younger generation

We optimized campaigns for lowest cost and the best target groups by using Interest & Premium Targetin, Lookalike Audiences and the Developer Mode Pixel

Spark Ads were the best method to authentically display the USPs and simultaneously enable well fitting Audience Targeting

With a 3.36 EUR CPM and 1.02 EUR CPC the campaigns were very satisfying for us. It showed us again how incredibly well TikTok works if you deliver the right content. Additionally we could triple the conversion rate to 1.4%.

This way we could massively scale ExpressSteuer on all levels. Especially user generated content resonated with the target audience which we took as a learning for our other clients. Besides being able to raise the brand recognition we also increases sales. Still we scaled the KPIs all the time while maintaining a very efficient ad spend. 

We are very happy that we have contributed to making TikTok ExpressSteuer's main marketing channel. Our collaboration is mutually rewarding because our ideas are taken on openly and we have a shared growth mindset.

“As a new brand with a product that brings substantial value to the user but is challenging to explain, we identified Facebook early on as a good way to communicate our value proposition to potential customers. In Facebook we found a stable ad platform that rewards innovative content and solid strategy with which we outperformed the competition.”

- Maximilian Lambsdorff, Founder & CEO ExpressSteuer

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