Miss Lashes

Survive the COVID storm with profitable e-com

Miss Lashes is a well known beauty and lifestyle brand which focuses on cosmetic products for your eyes - with the mantra “Made in Germany”. Their broad range of products constantly surpasses customer expectations and establishes a new status quo in terms of quality and innovation. Made in Germany entwickelt. Ihre große Auswahl an Produkten übertrifft immer wieder Kundenerwartungen und etabliert einen neuen Status Quo für Qualität und Innovation.

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The actions we took

How we achieved outstanding results

Miss Lashes has its roots in the B2B sector and was looking for a partner to scale the D2C segment. With our experience in establishing an E-Commerce strategy we:

Onboarded them to Facebook advertising with technical setup

Worked with branded content tools to tap into influencer marketing performance campaigns

Develop performance campaign setup to scale

Given our efforts we were able to diversify Miss Lashes with a viable D2C strategy. During this Corona riddled period Miss Lashes profited greatly from D2C and further diversified into online coaching to weather the Corona storm.

Thanks to the professional implementation, we were able to continue our campaigns profitably even during the lockdown. Furthermore, I appreciate the quick response to my questions at any time and the weekly exchange.

- Irina Yalcin, CEO Miss Lashes

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