20% Increase in ROAS and scaling to 5-digit ad spend per day

Heideman jewelry focuses on handmade & customizable jewelry made in Germany (Gronau). Given their high quality materials they ensure great fit, a two year warranty and free shipping & returns. Their mission is to make jewelry shopping easy and memorable - with their broad range of products and outstanding customer support.

Kostenlos & unverbindlich
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20% Increase in ROAS while scaling from 4 to 6 figures per month
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33% Decrease in CPC compared to 2019
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17% Decrease in CPMs while scaling

The actions we took

How we achieved outstanding results

We had the pleasure to accompany Heideman from start to now - from an Amazon focused E-Commerce to a multichannel brand. Given the business life cycle we:

Developed a paid advertising strategy

Implemented Facebook Advertising setup (Pixel, Catalog etc.)

Advised on new markets to enter

With great execution from Heideman and a prosperous relationship we were able to scale the digital ad spend from four to six figures a month.

"The accessibility of Sebastian and his team is sensationally good. We feel very well taken care of and also notice in many conversations that they are absolute experts in their fields. We are looking forward to the next months with VOGGSMEDIA and are happy all around!"

- Jan Heideman, CEO Heideman

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