Clear the oceans of plastic and increase sales - are there better goals?

The Honu Movement is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Michael Steiger, who wanted to apply his business sense to tackling the major environmental challenge of freeing oceans of plastic waste. From its base in Cebu in the Philippines, The Honu Movement creates sustainable jobs for the poorest in society by paying them to collect plastic waste before recycling it into clothing and accessories. People around the world can buy the products online, and every sale sustains the cleanup operation.

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ROAS increase for conversion campaigns
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decrease in CPMs compared to previous year

The actions we took

How we achieved outstanding results

The Honu Movement wanted to build awareness and consideration and then drive sales for its products. Over a nine month period we:

Used different ad types and formats at each stage of the customer journey to drive action rates

Identified the right audiences for its campaign activity, focusing on Germany and using lookalike audiences of its best existing customers, as well as interest-based audiences aligned with relevant themes, like sustainability and veganism

Experimented with poll ads to drive engagement and emotional appeal of the non profit

A wave of support rolled towards The Honu Movement between August 2019 and April 2020. By tailoring ad types to different stages of the awareness, consideration and purchase journey, The Honu Movement successfully won the support of thousands of customers.

An official FB Case Study was published to inspire like minded entrepreneurs.

“I can unreservedly recommend working with Sebastian and his team. The cooperation is excellent."

- Michael Steiger, Founder & CEO The Honu Movement

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