32% increase in ROAS since cooperation
Bluestein is a Germany based E-Commerce focusing on Apple Watch accessories. Their mission is to bring high quality but more affordable wrist bands to the market. Their core market is Germany at the moment but they also plan to expand with us across Europe.
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LTV increase

The actions we took

How we achieved outstanding results

As the goods of Bluestein resemble those of other tech brands we had to differentiate their products in many ways and therefore:

Developed Q5 strategy to capitalize on Christmas season and upgrade people’s Apple Watches

Implemented user generated content for their ads to showcase trust

Created tailored landing pages for their products

With the close relationship we have with Blustein we are able to run always on full funnel marketing campaigns across channels. We identified the cut off point of a highly profitable ROAS and have the trust and flexibility to scale budgets accordingly.

“Since nearly one full year, Sebastian and his team have been taking care of our brands and we are very satisfied with their service. They approach things analytically but also creatively and do not give up until the performance of the ads is good. The work feels like having our own team - just remote.”

- Michael Steiger, Founder & CEO Bluestein

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